We started working with Rebecca during my son’s Junior year while applying for a summer program at MIT. During that time, she proved to be patient and kind all while keeping him on task. He got into that program, and while great, it put a lot of pressure to do that, his AP classes and 16 college applications. Rebecca kept him on task. Her knowledge of the schools and processes, coupled with an understanding of my son’s work style and challenges, proved to be a level of service we, as parents, would not be able to provide. She also became a mentor to my son and listened to all our wants and needs. I highly recommend Rebecca, she has become a part of our family, and I can’t wait to work with her for my daughter. Racquel L. (Mother of a Class of 2023 Student attending Columbia University!)

Rebecca was such an amazing resource during the college admission cycle. She guided my daughter into broadening her thoughts as to what she was looking for in a university while also narrowing down where to apply. College admissions is so different from even five years ago. There are so many tasks and deadlines that I, as a working mom, could not keep up with. Rebecca guided Alexia’s tasks and kept her on the ball on what was needed and expected. I cannot thank her enough, and look forward to working with her again when my younger daughter becomes a junior in a couple of years. – Miriam V. (Mother of a Class of 2023 Student)

Rebecca was fantastic throughout this past year, helping me and my daughter step by step. From essay review to making sure to provide details on how best to display her extracurriculars. There is so much more to the college application process than when I applied, and she really understands the details and idiosyncrasies of what colleges look at. Cannot recommend her enough to any parent. – Pamela R. (Parent of a Class of 2023 Student)

We cannot thank Rebecca enough for the guidance she gave Gaby during the entire college application process, which can be overwhelming for students and parents alike! We were fortunate to have signed on with Rebecca right before summer, which was great because Gaby was able to get great feedback from Rebecca regarding her essay and work on her resume of activities during that time. Working and checking in with Rebecca a few times over the summer saved her time in the fall when she needed to focus on school and put her ahead of the game once the Common App opened. The weekly check-ins with Rebecca saved Gaby from daily nagging from her parents, which kept our household happy! Thank you so much again! Gaby is off to the college of her choice! – Yolanda P. (Parent of a Class of 2023 Student)

We HIGHLY recommend RK College Admissions Assistance!! Rebecca’s guidance was instrumental not only to our daughter but to us as parents. Her level of knowledge of the application process and the requirements of the schools our daughter would apply to proved critical to her very high rate of acceptance. We truly appreciate her patience and understanding, but most of all, simply appreciate her compassion during what can be a very stressful time. She is the best! – Steve G., Father of a Class of 2022 Student

Rebecca has been such a great resource for our son. She provides valuable knowledge and tools throughout this experience. The college application process can be riddled with anxiety & confusion, but thanks to Rebecca, we have actually enjoyed this process. Rebecca provides personal college advisement by identifying which colleges to submit applications to, financial options available, guidance, tips for application prep, essay review & guidance, and so much more. Rebecca keeps our students on track with tasks to be accomplished, which helps to keep the student focused for optimal success. Her services have been instrumental. We definitely recommend working with RK College Admissions. – Alicia A. (Mother of a Class of 2022 Student)

I highly recommend RK College Admissions. My daughter got into every school she applied to. But the real miracle is that she applied at all. This would not have happened without the direction of RK College Admissions. THANK YOU! – Andrea A. (Mother of a Class of 2022 student)

Rebecca Klein is an incredibly hardworking, excellent college advisor to anyone who wishes to get her services. She helps all of the time and has even taken her own time to talk to me after my college application process was over. She helped me through something I knew very little about and did it with the utmost professionalism and expertise. To anyone who would like her to help you or your child with the college admissions process, look no further- she has gone above and beyond what needs to be done with the college admissions process and provides a personal aspect to her services. – Shane A. (Class of 2022 Student)

Rebecca was amazing! She listened to both my daughter’s wishes and goals as well as to ours as parents.  She put the responsibility of the process on my daughter after the initial meeting.  She kept me informed about the process, the needs, and the cost of her services in a timely manner.  She understood our concerns and provided sound advice to us as parents and to my child.  My daughter got accepted into every school she applied to.  We were very pleased with Rebecca’s support. – Maritza G. (Mother of Class of 2022 Student)

Thank goodness for Rebecca. I can’t imagine having to figure everything out on her own. She was always available to help and answer any concerns. Rebecca made sure Kaitlyn stayed on track and met all deadlines. To have one on one support during all aspects of this lengthy process was priceless. We couldn’t have done it without her. Looking forward to working with her again with my other daughter. – Tania D. (Mother of Class of 2022 Student)

My son is currently working with Rebecca and she is amazing. She really understands teenagers and helps walk them through the application process, guiding them on how to best showcase their strengths and keeping them on track so that they are not rushing to submit at the last minute. She is a calming influence through this stressful process, quick to respond to any questions or concerns raised. I never planned on using anyone to assist us with the application process, but having her support and expertise has been invaluable. It was the best decision I could have made. I highly recommend her if this is your first time applying to college and I plan to use her again for my daughter in 2 years. – Laura R. (Mother of a Class of 2022 Student)

Rebecca is an excellent advisor who guides students for achieving success in college admissions. Her services have been instrumental in achieving success in the desired schools like Cornell University for my daughter in the 2020-2021 admissions cycle. This is significant because if you achieve your desired success using her advice and directions, you will apply to fewer places, pay far less, and achieve your admissions goals. Her services are comprehensive and provide a deeper analysis of an application as opposed to simply editing essays and such; the investment, even for one or two hours, comes back to you in the form of an acceptance letter. – R. Ansari (Father of Class of a 2021 Student)

If you and your high school student are feeling overwhelmed and lost with the very complicated college admissions process, please allow Rebecca Klein and RK College Admissions Assistance to help. Rebecca’s knowledge of all things college admissions was such a relief. To have one on one support with financial aid, scholarships, applications, and the different school platforms was money very well spent. She is also very patient and easy to talk to. I’ll be using her again for my incoming junior. – Liz A. (Mother of a Class of 2021 student)

We cannot thank Rebecca enough for the invaluable help and coaching she provided to Marshall during the process of applying to colleges, getting all of the information in a timely manner, and choosing a good selection of schools to fit Marshall’s skills and needs!  We are so proud that of the 7 schools Marshall applied to, he was accepted to ALL 7!!  He was even accepted to his reach school, Florida Institute of Technology, and they offered him a scholarship with his acceptance letter!!  We could not have done it without Rebecca’s assistance. – Jody L. (Mother of a Class of 2021 Student

So happy to have Rebecca on board with our process! Applying to colleges is overwhelming. She is very well prepared and extremely informative on my daughter’s top school choices. Working with RK College Admissions has let us know what needs to be completed ahead of time to give our daughter the best possible chance for acceptance. She also went beyond our daughter’s school wish list to find other colleges that were a good match. Rebecca provides a great deal of insight on what each particular college looks for in an applicant. Most importantly, she keeps us on our toes with all the deadlines! Thank you Rebecca, we look forward to continuing this process with you. – Sophia L. (Parent of a Class of 2021 student)

We are so appreciative of Rebecca helping our daughter with the application process. She made the process so much smoother. She was very flexible and reliable. We thank her for being a part of this exciting milestone. – Randi E. (Mother of a Class of 2021 Student)

RK College Admissions Assistance is the best! Rebecca is super helpful and works to make your college essays/supplemental questions sound the best they can. I already feel more confident about applying to colleges, and it’s been less than a week since I’ve started working with her! Thank you for all of your help, Rebecca! – Sarah S (Student – Class of 2021)

Rebecca was very helpful with my college admissions process and made the experience a lot less stressful. She has a lot of experience and will definitely guide you in the right direction!! – Chloe S. (Student – Class of 2021)

Thank you so much for your amazing help! Leave it to 2020 and Covid, to put our college plans for Mia on hold. Thanks for coming up with Plan B so fast!! Since we did not feel safe having our daughter go away for college, Rebecca was unimaginably helpful in guiding Mia to a backup school and a full scholarship at that school! – Angie H.R (Mother of a Class of 2020 student)