Personalized and Affordable Guidance and Assistance with All Things College Admissions!

From beginning to end, and all parts in between!

RK College Admissions Consulting & Assistance offers a cost-effective hourly service for students to succeed in the college application process.

Rebecca Klein provides one-on-one personalized attention to her students from the beginning of the process until they press the “Submit” button on each online application.


Spots for the Class of 2024 are filling up! 
Rebecca begins working with high school juniors in the spring of their junior year and the summer before senior year to maximize the time needed to get all their tasks planned and executed. Resulting in less stress for the student and parents during the process!
Support for Freshmen, Sophomores & rising Juniors  
Why Choose RK College Admissions?
  • Today the college admissions process is much more competitive, complex, and oftentimes just plain confusing.
  • It can literally be a part-time job, researching colleges, making sure your kids apply to the right schools, filling out the applications on time, and demonstrating their academic and personal strengths in the best way possible on the numerous applications.
  • It’s time-consuming and stressful making sure they write a compelling personal statement (main essay), all of the supplemental essays, and complete all of the other steps needed from beginning to end.
  • There are SO MANY steps to be completed when applying to college. At times a student needs additional assistance and guidance in the process!
Services Offered
  • Every student has different needs for their college admissions journey! Rebecca will develop a personalized, detailed plan of services to succeed in the college admissions and application process!
  • For a more detailed list of services, please visit the Services page. Rebecca offers an hourly fee for her services, with a minimum purchase of a five hours block to begin.
  • Your son or daughter is in good hands! Rebecca will be there for them every step of the way. She will ensure that every aspect of the college application process is executed and completed successfully, resulting in a greater chance of getting into a college that is the PERFECT FIT for them.



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